Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome


Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition that affects a significant portion of the global population. While the exact prevalence may vary across different regions and populations, it is estimated that around 5-30% of people worldwide experience symptoms of dry eye syndrome, and its symptoms worsen with age. Due to modern lifestyle factors such as working in front of computer screens, driving, artificial lights, air pollution, and wearing contact lenses, more and more people suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes. Excessive strain on the eyes and the negative effects of external and internal factors can alter the quantity and composition of tears, which protect and provide oxygen to the eyeball. In recent years, more patients have presented with dry eye symptoms at our clinic. Many patients complain of burning, stinging, or foreign body sensations, often accompanied by tearing, redness, and light sensitivity.

Is there a solution to this problem?
Patients are often frustrated as they struggle to find a lasting solution to their problems, which significantly impacts their lives and reduces their quality of life. At our clinic, we can establish a treatment plan based on the patient’s subjective complaints and objective examinations, which can greatly improve their comfort. One part of the treatment plan can include E-Eye treatment, a new painless treatment method already available at our partner clinic.

What is E-Eye treatment?
E-Eye technology is an extremely innovative treatment method for dry eyes that uses a special light to help regenerate the cells responsible for tear production. Thanks to this new treatment method, the appropriate level of tear production can be restored after as few as 3 treatments, reducing the symptoms caused by dry eye problems.

The suitability for E-Eye treatment can be determined through a preliminary examination at our clinic during a personal consultation.