Why not follow the thousands of satisfied customers from all over Europe who seek medical treatment in Hungary? It is a well known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical education in the world, so we can proudly offer you our highly qualified English speaking doctors with the best services they provide. They say good health is priceless! With us though getting fit and fab, relaxed and radiant comes at price, a price that you’ll find low for the outstanding expertise and quality of treatments you’ll receive.


  • tailor-made service to meet your exact needs in point of the medical service
  • arranging fast private treatment (we can arrange diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT scan within 24 hours, results the same day to the patient, surgery can usually be arranged within 7 days)
  • local staff with the best knowledge about the country
  • English speaking, friendly service, 24/7 emergency line in Hungary
  • excellent relationship with the medical service providers
  • support from the first contact till the end of your travel


  • worldwide recognized high standards and advanced medical procedures
  • high level of professionalism and premium service
  • one of the lowest MRSA rate in Europe
  • well-equipped facilities
  • English speaking doctors and surgeons
  • many of the surgeons are Professors of Medicine and also educate at the medical universities
  • unique medical thermal spas
  • one of the most beautiful capital city, Budapest
  • great places for recreation and friendly people