The health starts with a healthy lifestyle


Topremedy aims to support cross-border medical care so that our patients can receive medical care in a short time and at an affordable price. 

But we believe in a healthy lifestyle in the importance of prevention. Thus, in cooperation with our partner company, we offer a solution that gives medium and large enterprises the opportunity to create a better working environment.

Health experts, fitness professionals, well-being champions, Ph.D. level doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, personal trainers, massage and physiotherapists, yoga instructors, nutrition and micro-biology experts and so much more collaborate to offer a cost-effective solution that offers a complete well-being program that is easily accessible to employees of companies.

With the help of our company-specific program, we can achieve measurable progress in just a short 3-month period. However, in general, we recommend a minimum subscription of 12 months to our customers to operate an effective well-being program. 
Beyond the year, as the company gets an incredible boost in numbers, activity, participation, team building, and more, real changes in turnover results begin to take shape.