Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle

Long-Term Health Preservation and
Physical and Mental Balance

We are waiting for you to experience an innovative concept where medicine, healing based on ancient traditions, a holistic approach, and conscious gastronomy meet in idyllic surroundings. This unrivalled location in Sárvár offers a unique opportunity to embrace a health-conscious lifestyle in Western Hungary.

The Location

If you’re seeking a unique recreation experience, Sárvár in Western Hungary offers cultural heritage, natural treasures, and spectacular spas.

This innovative destination combines ancient healing traditions, holistic approaches, and conscious gastronomy in idyllic surroundings. It has introduced a new premium hotel and a lifestyle concept aimed at helping guests adopt a sustainable, health-conscious lifestyle. This approach promotes a balanced and healthy life that can be maintained independently in everyday life.

Embrace a health-conscious lifestyle in the idyllic surroundings of Melea.

The organiser:

Adrienn Hamori

Certified Medical Travel Professional®

Adrienn, certified medical travel professional with expertise in health, beauty, and spa treatments. Adrienn is dedicated to providing personalised experiences in Hungary, tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. From ensuring top-notch care to managing all travel arrangements, Adrienn handles every aspect with meticulous attention to detail.

Rest assured, Adrienn has established strong partnerships with renowned facilities, prioritizing your safety and well-being above all else. With Adrienn by your side, you can confidently embark on a journey of transformative beauty and holistic well-being.

comprehensive lifestyle and quality of life improvement programme

The Melea Method focuses on long-term health and achieving physical and mental balance. We consciously identify and treat the harmful effects and diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.


The health status, objectives and needs of our guests require us to provide a program based solely on personalized suggestions and expert advice.

We believe that a health maintenance journey that is tailored to individual needs can achieve long-term and effective results. Accordingly, we have developed a system of flexible, customized services instead of the classic, predefined package offers.


After a comprehensive health assessment, our professional team will define the elements of a personalised lifestyle change program tailored to your individual goals and needs in the form of an integrated health proposal.

We combine the tools of traditional medicine with innovative health promotion technologies and alternative optimisation options.


A holistic approach ensures that the focus is not only on the symptoms but also on the underlying causes to restore the biological rhythm. The balance of the body is influenced by the state of our body, our mental health and our emotional responses to the environment. A comprehensive health check aims to correctly interpret the most subtle symptoms and detect more serious changes that are developing.
As a result, lifestyle changes can prevent a large percentage of diseases at an early stage of symptoms. We believe that the secret to a long, quality life lies in the harmony of body and soul.





Melea Kitchen is the result of an unparalleled meeting of healthy eating principles and the sophisticated tools of gastronomy that appeal to the senses. Our aim is to show how healthy eating can be a varied, delicious, satisfying as well as aesthetically pleasing gastronomic journey.

We prepare our nutritious dishes with the highest quality Hungarian, mainly local, seasonal, organic certified, fresh ingredients, which Gábor Gyurik, executive chef, transforms into a fine-dining experience. Our menus are constantly changing according to seasonality and always based on the freshest ingredients.

We aim to enhance the health benefits by using common herbs and spices, as well as gentle cooking techniques. Low AGE loads are achieved through the use of selected ingredients and special cooking techniques such as sous vide and different braising techniques.


With 3 main meals a day and a variety of snacks, we provide our guests with a balanced, personalized diet.

Salads, vegetable rolls, porridges and creams make breakfast a delicious meal.

Our nutritious two-course lunch menus offer a diverse selection of nutritious cream soups, spicy vegetable broths, risottos, whole grain salads, whole grain organic pasta and vegetable hypoallergenic vegan dishes, followed by light and nutritious grain salads, stuffed vegetables and light salads at dinner.

Between main meals, we treat our guests to nutrient-dense, healthy smoothies, light vegan puddings, fresh homemade oatmeal and herbal fruit salads.


One of the most innovative luxury hotels in the region was built on the shore of the Boating Lake in Sárvár. It offers 83 rooms and suites with balconies on 3 floors for guests looking for physical and spiritual rejuvenation.
The spacious and bright interiors, with their pure colours and shapes, create the perfect atmosphere for those who wish to discover a new dimension of self-time from a unique perspective.


Introductory package 4 nights

£ 1,957

Melea Basic package 7 nights

£ 3,426

Melea package 10 nights

£ 4,723

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a room of your choice as well as individually tailored healthy meals, throughout your stay.
  • Health questionnaire: provided via e-mail before arrival.
  • Laboratory test: conducted after arrival.
  • Personal consultation with the internist and assistant: Assessment of the  current health status, personal needs, and goals of the guest, as well as the following examinations: blood pressure, arteriographic measurement, AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products), EKG. Duration approximately 1 hour.
  • Nutritional advice and individual diet consultation: Assessment of dietary habits and nutritional status, as well as creating a personal nutrition program during the stay. Includes inBody (measurement of body
    composition). Duration approximately 30 minutes.
  • Physiotherapeutic advice: An analysis of the musculoskeletal system to determine functional movement capabilities and recommendations for physical activities. The duration is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Fitness profile assessment under the guidance of a personal trainer: Determination of fitness, muscle building, endurance, and flexibility profiles, as well as the determination of endurance. Duration approximately 30 minutes.
  • Facial and hair diagnosis using the Aramo cosmetic diagnostic device: Analysis of skin type, sebum production, hair follicles, pores, and skin condition, as well as the measurement of skin moisture and ageing. Duration approximately 30 minutes.
  • Compilation of an individually tailored physical, mental, and spiritual program during the stay and dietary recommendations within the framework of an integrative health proposal.
  • The package also includes an exclusive Welnamis treatment as well as 6 massage treatments in the Melea Basic package OR 9 massage treatments in the Melea package (circa 50 min./sessions).
  • Meditation (mindfulness) under the guidance of a psychologist, focusing on silent meditation emphasising mental health in the present moment.
  • The use of our Secret Spa section includes a heated outdoor and indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Kneipp pool, and cold plunge pool, as well as two Finnish saunas, an outdoor sauna, a steam bath, an infrared sauna, and a relaxation room with a salt wall. These facilities contribute to restoring the physical and mental balance of our guests.
  • We offer a variety of daily programs (included in the package), allowing you to explore various theories and methods supporting a healthy, balanced lifestyle during your stay. You can learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition (cooking class), beauty care, and much more through workshops and seminars. Practice for example, techniques of Yoga, Tai Chi, Nordic Walking, Breath Therapy, Aerobics, Water Gymnastics, etc., under the guidance of our trainers. All these activities contribute to finding a changed lifestyle.
  • Upon departure, you will receive a detailed summary of your consultations and suggestions for maintaining or improving your health, including advice on nutrition and physical fitness at home.
  • Our beauty and spa treatments are carried out using exclusive products from the Alqvimia, Biologique Recherche, and Seed to Skin brands.

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