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We are waiting for you to experience an innovative concept where medicine, healing based on ancient traditions, a holistic approach, and conscious gastronomy meet in idyllic surroundings. This unrivalled location in Sárvár offers a unique opportunity to embrace a health-conscious lifestyle in Western Hungary.

The Location

At Hotel Europa Fit****superior, everyone, from the youngest to the grandparents, can find something they like, whether for relaxation or recharging. 

Our exclusive four-star spa and wellness hotel is located in the heart of a peaceful oasis only 400 m away from the lake. The friendliness and flexibility of our staff and the variety of wellness and beauty services give you the feeling of being cared for.

The organiser:

Adrienn Hamori

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Adrienn, certified medical travel professional with expertise in health, beauty, and spa treatments. Adrienn is dedicated to providing personalised experiences in Hungary, tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. From ensuring top-notch care to managing all travel arrangements, Adrienn handles every aspect with meticulous attention to detail.

Rest assured, Adrienn has established strong partnerships with renowned facilities, prioritizing your safety and well-being above all else. With Adrienn by your side, you can confidently embark on a journey of transformative beauty and holistic well-being.

Healing on Focus

Postoperative rehabilitation

In the postoperative term of rehabilitation, we can focus on the early and late stages.

The rate of rehabilitation and recovery time are greatly influenced by the surgical technique performed, the patient’s age, and the patient’s general fitness prior to surgery. It is essential that movement, i.e., passive physiotherapy, begins as soon as possible to avoid narrowing the range of motion.

In the early stages of rehabilitation, we focus primarily on physical therapy, improving mobility, scar healing, and improving limb circulation. With the help of our CPM machine, the functional treatment can start immediately after the operation, where the movements performed with the machine prepare the operated limb for strengthening physical therapy. Our BEMER magnet treatment can effectively relieve pain and speed up wound healing.

In the early stage, we actively focus on wound healing, dressing, and regular medical control. In the later stages of recovery, sports rehabilitation starts, where we use functional devices and also improve the patient’s strength and endurance, speed, joint mobility, balance, and coordination with air resistance and pneumatic pressure machines.

After the wound has healed, we can actively incorporate the healing water of Hévíz and other elements of
the Traditional Hévíz Cure into the rehabilitation.

Vitalium Medical Centre – private healthcare

Recently, the more than 20-year-old medical tradition in Hévíz has been supplemented with a health centre that includes specialist consultations, a blood collection and diagnostic centre, a medical aesthetic laser centre and an operating room for day surgery.
The Vitalium Medical Centre’s offer is primarily based on Western medicine’s approaches and the open indirection of complementary medicine. The focus of our activities is always on the patient. Our guiding principle is the preservation of health and the prevention of diseases.
Our most important specialities are orthopaedics, cardiology, ultrasound diagnostics, internal medicine, gynaecological day surgery, traumatology, rheumatology, and many others.

Rehabilitation medical Package

Recommended from approx. 4 weeks after surgery, after suture removal and wound healing

  • Specialist Examinations: Initial, control, and closing assessments.
  • Therapy Plan Setup.
  • Condition Assessment: Conducted by a physiotherapist.
  • 10 Individualized Rehabilitation Sessions: 40-minute exercises focused on muscle stretching, including manual techniques.
  • 10 Individualized Sport Rehabilitation Sessions: 60-minute exercises aimed at core and trunk stabilization, strengthening muscles around the spine, balance development, and gait improvement based on sports rehabilitation principles.
  • 10 Additional Treatments: Provided at our Vitalium Medical and Health Center, tailored to individual health needs. Options include:
    • Mud wrap
    • Special joint wraps (sulfur, ritex)
    • Hydroxeur (special underwater massage)
    • Carbonic acid bath
    • Electric bath
    • Underwater jet massage
    • Therapeutic massage (20 minutes)
    • Weight bath (special hot water treatment)
    • Interference therapy
    • TENS therapy
    • Galvanic current therapy
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • Diadynamic therapy
    • Iontophoresis
    • Stimulation current therapy
    • Alternating bath
    • Four-compartment galvanic bath
    • Infrared light treatment
    • Inhalation (with herbs, antibiotics, salt)
    • Magnet therapy
    • Oxygen treatment
    • Mineral bath
    • Herbal and elixir bath
    • Bat pad treatment
    • Repuls therapy
    • Lymphatic massage
  • 12 Bemer Magnetic Therapy Treatments: To relieve pain and promote scar healing.



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