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Discover Timeless Beauty, Castles, Gardens, and Wines

Stop the time, smell the scent of the countryside, discover the colours, listen to the voices of nature, visit beautiful castles, learn about history and architecture, taste the amazing wines of Hungary, and enjoy the excellent Hungarian gastronomy!

The Location

Central Hungary, Mór, and Neszmély are renowned wine regions in Hungary, each offering unique viticultural experiences.

Central Hungary is known for its diverse climate and rich soil, producing robust reds and crisp whites.

Mór is famous for its Ezerjó grape, yielding aromatic and fresh wines.

Neszmély, located along the Danube, benefits from the river’s moderating effects, producing elegant and fruity wines. Together, these regions showcase Hungary’s rich winemaking heritage and innovation.

The organiser:

Adrienn Hamori

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Adrienn, certified medical travel professional with expertise in health, beauty, and spa treatments. Adrienn is dedicated to providing personalised experiences in Hungary, tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. From ensuring top-notch care to managing all travel arrangements, Adrienn handles every aspect with meticulous attention to detail.

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First day

Arrival in Budapest, check in at the 4* hotel


Aesthetic Medical Clinic

  • 90-minute professional machine cleaning and pampering spa treatment (package price) 

The cleaning can be optionally chosen according to the skin type:

Carbonpeel, based on the original protocol of AlmaLaser OR Dermaclear, 3-step, cleansing, hydrating protocol (based on the steps of Hydrafacial) 

  • 30-minute A 5-layer skin rejuvenation  (package price)
  • Consultation and facial aesthetic fillers (package price):

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Second day


We depart from Budapest at 8:30, and after about an hour of journey, we will arrive in Agárd. The small resort on the shore of Lake Velence, surrounded by fruit trees like sour cherry, apricot, and plum, is the home of the Agárdi Distillery. It has produced the Hungarian spirit, called Pálinka, for 15 years. We will start with a visit to the distillery, followed by a lunch with Pálinka tasting. Already in a good mood, we will travel to Nádasdladány, where we can find one of the most beautiful historicizing, neo-Gothic, Tudor-style mansions in Hungary, surrounded by a 24-hectare English
landscape garden with rare plants and pond. The castle was built in the second half of the 19th century, and it is a symbol of true love! By the end of the 19th century, the building and its surroundings had become the centre of the estates of the formerly much larger Nádasdy family, their main rural home, the repository of their applied and fine art collections and library, and the number one base for their excellent stud. After the castle visit, transfer to Fehérvárcsurgó. Check-in at the 4-star Castle Hotel in Fehérvárcsurgó, and we will have dinner at the hotel. 

Third day


After breakfast, we visit the Fehérvárcsurgó Castle and Arboretum.
The Károlyi Castle is a 19th-century castle of Classicist and Eclectic styles. The complex was built by György Károlyi from the Károlyi noble family and designed by architects Henrich Koch and Miklós Ybl.
The architects created a small French garden in the courtyard and a large park around the castle. The park is a 40-hectare arboretum. For over 150 years, there have been pines, lindens, oaks and chestnuts, lakes, promenades and bridges.
In this beautiful garden we take a horse-drawn carriage ride and take part in a guided tour with a professional botanist and landscape architect. Finally we will have a picnic lunch in the garden.
After this tour, we continue our journey to Mór, where we visit a winery and taste some first-class wines from local grape varieties.
In the afternoon, we visit Lake Bokod, where we can admire the floating village.
Transfer to Tata, check in at a 4-star hotel, dinner.

Fourth day


After breakfast, we will visit the Camaldolese Monastery in Majk. A visit to Majk offers both spiritual accretion and active recreation. The hermits, taking a vow of silence of the Camaldolese order, settled in Majkpuszta in the 18th century—the building complex, unique in Europe, lies surrounded by woods and near a lake. The hermitage was erected by Count József Esterházy. Seventeen austere cell houses surrounding the church steeple and the one-time monastery turned into the later Esterházy mansion preserve the memory of the hermits who once lived here. The tiny houses in an area encircled by the wall were built from the donations of aristocratic families whose coat of arms is shown on the main façade of the houses. The furnishings in the monastery rooms are faithful representations of the epoch when the hermits lived here. Wandering within the walls radiating unusual tranquillity, visitors can experience the peace of the monks living in silence.
During our stay, we can also visit the monastery’s herb garden and taste herbal teas.
After lunch, we will visit Esterházy Castle in Tata. We will start with cake and coffee in the castle cafe and taste the Esterházy cake.
The late baroque palace, built according to Jakab Fellner’s design between 1765 and 1780, is surrounded by a landscape garden on the shores of Old Lake in a picturesque environment.
We finish the day with a winery visit and wine-paired dinner in the Neszmély wine region.

Fifth day

mansion of the devil's horseman

After breakfast, we went sightseeing in the charming baroque town of Tata. The English Garden of the town
is the first English-style park in Hungary. The “small Esterházy” castle in the park hosts the famous Herend Porcelain exhibition. We will visit the huge cellars of the former Esterházy Sparkling manufacturer and, of course, taste some sparkling.
By small train, we travel to the vineyard hill of Baj, where we will visit a family-owned premium winery and have a homemade lunch prepared by the wife of the winemaker.
Before returning to Budapest, we stopped in Bajna for our last castle visit: the Sándor-Metternich Castle, also called the Mansion of the Devil’s Horseman, is one of the most beautiful classicist mansion complexes in the country. Count Móric Sándor was famous for his horsemanship throughout Europe. He earned himself the nickname the Devil’s Horseman. In February 1835, he married the daughter of the Austrian chancellor Klemens von Metternich, Princess Leontine von Metternich (1811 – 1861). As he wanted to present her with a mansion worthy of her status, he started to transform the manor house into a fifty-nine-room palace a year before the marriage (1834). He entrusted one of the most famous architects of
his time, József Hild, to help. Legend says that Count Móric Sándor jumped from the balcony with his horse as a bet.
Return to Budapest airport or Budapest in the late afternoon hours.
Extend in Budapest is possible.


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