Enchanting Escapes

 A Tour of Scenic Beauty, Castles, Gardens, and Vineyards

Stop the time, smell the scent of the countryside, discover the colours, listen to the voices of nature, visit beautiful castles, learn about history and architecture, taste the amazing wines of Hungary, and enjoy the excellent Hungarian gastronomy!

The Location

Beautify yourself and enjoy the beautiful historical sites and wine regions.

Northern Hungary is a region rich in history and natural beauty. Sirok is known for its medieval castle ruins, which offer stunning views. Eger, famous for its baroque architecture and thermal baths, also boasts the Eger Castle and the Basilica. Edelény features the impressive L’Huillier-Coburg Palace, a baroque gem. The Károly Palace in Füzérradvány stands out with its romantic architecture and beautiful park, making Northern Hungary a captivating destination for travellers.

The organiser:

Adrienn Hamori

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Adrienn, certified medical travel professional with expertise in health, beauty, and spa treatments. Adrienn is dedicated to providing personalised experiences in Hungary, tailored to meet your unique needs and desires. From ensuring top-notch care to managing all travel arrangements, Adrienn handles every aspect with meticulous attention to detail.

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First day

Arrival in Budapest, check in at the 4* hotel


Aesthetic Medical Clinic

  • 90-minute professional machine cleaning and pampering spa treatment (package price) 

The cleaning can be optionally chosen according to the skin type:

Carbonpeel, based on the original protocol of AlmaLaser OR Dermaclear, 3-step, cleansing, hydrating protocol (based on the steps of Hydrafacial) 

  • 30-minute A 5-layer skin rejuvenation  (package price)
  • Consultation and facial aesthetic fillers (package price):

Refreshing Package  OR Lifting Package OR Volumizing Package

Second day


We depart from Budapest in the morning hours to the North-Eastern part of the country. Our first stop will be at a medieval fortress scooped in and erected at the Castle Hill of Sirok. The history of Sirok Castle goes back to the 8th century. The fortress was constantly enlarged from time to time, and thus, by the 16th century, it had become integrated into the border castle system as the most important outpost of Eger. The view of the neighbouring hills and forests from the heights of the Castle is fantastic. After a refreshing walk to the castle and the visit, we head to the beautiful baroque town of Eger.

Our lunch will be in one of the best countryside restaurants in the country (BIB Gourmand Restaurant), and it will be paired with Eger wines. After lunch, a walking tour and sightseeing are waiting for us: we will visit the Monstrous Basilica – the second largest in Hungary – Dobó Square and the Archbishop’s Cellar.

Check-in at the hotel: a 4* spa hotel or a country-style, stylish boutique hotel. One of the region’s famous wineries will host us for a homemade, open-fire dinner and, of course, for a wine tasting.

Third day


After breakfast, we head to Miskolc, one of the main cities in Northern Hungary. From the city we will travel to Lillafüred, where we can’t get there in a more stylish way than on a small forest railway: one of the most beautiful railway lines in Hungary, a real mountain track. Together with a forester during a walking tour in the forest, we will learn a lot about plants and flowers, and we will pick some of them. Do you know that the forest is delicious? If not, you will see it: the plants we just picked in the forest will be used in the restaurant for our lunch. After lunch, our next stop will be the fabulous palace buildings and the park built on the island of the Bódva River. The L’Huillier-Coburg Palace in Edelény is the seventh-largest Baroque castle in the country and a precious relic of Baroque architecture. The building deserves special attention because of its architecture: the traditional U shape does not embrace the front garden but looks backwards. The rooms upstairs also feature spectacular Rococo wall paintings that were probably done in the 1760s.
Travel to our accommodation, a 4* castle winery-owned castle hotel in the Tokaj wine region (upgrade to 5* accommodation in an aristocratic manor house built in the 18th century also possible). Introduction to the exciting world of Tokaj wines during our exclusive wine dinner. (In the 4-star hotel, there is also a winery visit.)

Fourth day


Passing along vineyards, we start our day by visiting the Károlyi Palace, the pride of Füzérradvány. At the end of the 19th century, Count Ede Károlyi, the heir of the Radvány estate, reconstructed the building formerly standing here in a historicising style. Although Károlyi Palace, surrounded by the woods of Füzérradvány, retains the atmosphere of the historicist era from the outside, in its halls evoking the splendour of the past, visitors are greeted by unadulterated Italian Renaissance interior design details. Before heading to the extensive palace park and historical garden with its promenades, bridges across streams, fishponds, plane trees, wide-spreading linden trees, multi-trunked tulip trees and pyramidal English oaks, in the coffee house of the Palace, we will taste the Károlyi slice, the count’s favourite cake (with chocolate and sour cherry)
One of the most amazing cellar rows in Hungary is located in the Tokaj wine region. Almost 300 old huts in two cellar villages in Hercegkút are waiting to be explored. A short walk on the cellar hill, followed by a visit and wine tasting with homemade cold cuts by a small family producer in a traditional old cellar.

Visit the Hélia-D “cosmetic” castle, a stunning 16th-century building. The castle provides information and knowledge about herbs, cosmetics, and the healing effects of the Tokaj wines and gives visitors hands-on experience preparing cosmetics. We will prepare our cream with Tokaji Aszú wine while tasting herbal teas.

Wine-paired dinner in the hotel or a winery-owned restaurant.

Fifth day

Tokaji Wine Vinegar House

Visit the vinegar manufacturer with tasting. The Tokaji Wine Vinegar House makes wine vinegar from top-quality Tokaj grapes and fruits without any additives, applying natural methods, thus making the product indispensable in haute cuisine in Hungary. Before saying goodbye to the Tokaj Wine Region, we will visit one of the region’s most prestigious wineries. tasting some great dry and sweet wines, of course also “the King of wines and the wine of the Kings”, the Tokaj Aszú wine.

After a one-hour drive, we arrive at the Andrássy Castle in Tiszadob. The castle was built at the request of Gyula Andrássy Sr., the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, between 1880-1885 in the style of the medieval knights’ castles along the French river Loire. A separate front park was created in front of the facade of the building. In the 1880s, a landscape garden was established behind the castle, which has been well looked after since then. In the east, the park is bordered by the river Tisza itself.

After a barbeque lunch in the castle garden, we will finish our tour with a guided visit to the amazing garden of the castle.

Transfer back to Budapest or Budapest airport.

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