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Cardiac center

Our partner’s private cardiology clinic is situated in a 21st century building in the heart of Budapest, the capitol of Hungary, equipped with brand new medical equipment. We believe in a state-of-the-art diagnostic department, efficient patient-oriented and problem-based care and highly specialized medical knowledge.

All of our consultant cardiologists are trained in tertiary cardiac centers and are currently working in a tertiary cardiac center alongside the private care. Three of our consultants have GMC registration and over 5 years NHS.

High-end cardiac imaging from our specialists – appointments within 72 hours and reports provided same day:

  • Cardiac CT without contrast – Calcium score: if you want to refine your patients cardiovascular risk status
  • Cardiac/coronary CT – Do you want to rule out coronary artery disease? For the appropriate diagnosis we use a 128 detector GE Revolution EVO CT machine.
  • Cardiac MRI – Equivocal ECHO result or suspicion of a specific cardiomyopathy or myocarditis? For the appropriate diagnosis we use a 1.5 T GE Voyager Signa MR machine.
  • Dobutamine stress echocardiography with Sonovue – Your patient has known coronary artery disease and is experiencing recurrent symptoms? Your patient has medium or high cardiovascular risk and you would like to assess the perioperative cardiac risks? Your patient already has multiple stents hence cardiac CT is not ideal for further imaging? – In these cases, dobutamine stress echocardiography is the choice. We perform each and every study with transpulmonary contrast in order to achieve highest quality imaging and accuracy.
  • Transesophageal echocardiography (with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia) – Your patient’s ECHO yielded equivocal results on the heart valves? Your patient has a fever of unexplained origin? You patient suffered a stroke of unexplained causes? Intracardiac shunt needs to be ruled out? – Then the next step is a transesophageal ultrasound (TEE), for which we use a Philips Epiq5 ECHO machine and a X7-2t TEE probe.

Special cardiac clinics – appointments within 72 hours, reports same day!

General cardiology clinic (included history taking, physical examination, 12-lead-ECG, TTECHO and necessary blood tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, kidney function, electrolytes, FBC/WBC/PLT, clotting screen). Additional investigations can also be performed same day – i.e.: exercise tolerance test (bicycle), 24-48-72 ECG monitoring, 3–5-day loop recorder, ABPM. There are dedicated fields of cardiology where special knowledge and specialized equipment is needed in order to obtain a timely and accurate diagnosis. We therefore run specialized cardiology outpatient clinics alongside general cardiology in order to help out the general cardiologists in these unique situations:

Unique cardiac treatments – appointments within 1 week, reports same day!

  • Cardioversion (DCCV) under general anesthesia
    If the atrial fibrillation patient has been successfully anticoagulated for the last 4 weeks…
  • TEE guided cardioversion (DCCV) under general anesthesia
    If the patient needs urgent cardioversion or there is less than 4 weeks history of successful anticoagulation and you need further information on the heart valves…
  • Cardiac CT followed by cardioversion (DCCV) under general anesthesia
    If the patient needs urgent cardioversion or there is less than 4 weeks history of successful anticoagulation and you want to rule out significant coronary heart disease or plan a pulmonary vein isolation procedure in the future…