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  1. Are your prices better than UK price? What about other costs, like travelling and accommodation?

  2. What kind of eye surgeries are you doing and what is the process if I would go for one?

  3. Do you do any plastic surgeries? I am having very deep stretch marks and thinking about a removal.

  4. I need to have a hernia removal operation, but the nhs waiting list is too long. Do you do the service when nhs will pay my bills? If you do, can i please have information on the service?

  5. If I would like to have an IVF but I am older than 40 are they still doing it?
    Do I need to stay longer time or can countinue the care in my home country?

  6. What is the procedure for tonsil removing for a child? Do you need gp referral or they will do the full care?

  7. I am having reumatic pains doctors said i have to live like this on the rest of my life. I am wondering could you propose something for it?

  8. I had an accident and one of my teeth is broken. How could I get proposal to do it? How long does the treatment take?

  9. Hi Charles, certainly we have English speaking staff in our medical and beauty Partners. But we are happy to provide also English speaking escort to help with all the medical staff. You do not have to worry, we provide full support during your trip.

  10. Hi Michelle, generally we can say that our prices are less than half price compared with UK prices. You can buy a return ticket for example for £100 and you can book a hotel for £50-70. If you save for example £1000-1500 in a treatment it's still worth the money to travel to Budapest. (All the given costs are example. If you send your personal treatment request, we will send you detailed proposal with all the costs.)

  11. Hi Monica, if you would like to go for private hospital/clinics there is NO waiting list.

  12. Hi Aicha, We have an information page about all the eye treatment. Please check If you have any specific questions, please contact me.

  13. Hi Bethany, yes we are doing also plastic surgeries. I sent the proposal to your email address. I hope you will like it.

  14. Hi Grace, Yes we do hernia removal operation and as a private service, there is no waiting list. We assist you with NHS reimbursement, but there is a process for it and it takes a few weeks, sometimes few months. We ask for approval for you, you go and pay your bill and when you are coming back, NHS pay back your cost. I sent the requested information to you.

  15. Hi Suzanne, yes we do. We can accept patients from everywhere in the world. Our medical services are world-class and we make sure that you enjoy your trip.

  16. Hi Leah, we are doing IVF over 40. We are building connection with gynecologist from UK who can do all the pre-examination and processes before IVF. So you have to stay in Budapest app. 2-3 weeks. If you are interested in doing it with us, please contact me and we will discuss the details.

  17. Hi Carl, we do not need GP referral as we do the operation in private service. But our doctors are happy to contact your GP for consultation and maybe some pre-examination is also required.

  18. We need some photo and OP X-ray about your teeth. Based on the photos we send you proposal. If you accept it, we book the appointment for you. If you do not have OP X-ray or we need consultation before the treatment, we offer free consultation package:

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