Terms and Conditions of Online Medical Consultation – Published on 6th of April 2020

This is the Terms and Conditions of Online Medical Consultation Service of Topremedy Ltd. We are company number 10808356 registered in United Kingdom.

Please only use this service if you have read and understood the information in our TERMS & CONDITIONS including TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULTATION service and our PRIVACY POLICY. If you have any queries, then you may contact us.

Consulting with a doctor online should not replace you seeing your regular GP. If you do choose to use our ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULTATION service, then we strongly recommend that you share information about any online consultations with your GP to provide safe and effective monitoring of your health. During the conversation with the Doctor online physical examination cannot be conducted by the doctor. Therefore, there may be a risk of potential misdiagnosis of the condition. If you do seek online treatment, then it is important to see a doctor in person if your symptoms worsen or do not improve within three days, or sooner if there is any worsening.

In the online setting, the doctors will rely on your answers about your medical history, the medications you take, any allergies you may have, and the symptoms relating to your condition to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctor will rely on your answers being honest and accurate. If you do not understand any part of the questioning in the online assessment or any of the information provided on the Topremedy website, then you must agree to contact Topremedy for further clarification. If photos are required to help with the diagnosis, then these should be recent and unaltered photos of your skin. If you provide inaccurate or incomplete information, then you will be at a greater risk of adverse effects from any treatment that is prescribed.

Where the duty of care begins

You understand that the duty of care by ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULTATION only starts when the doctor accepts that you can be treated online safely. This can only occur after you have:

  • created an account
  • made payment
  • answered all the necessary questions required by the doctor

The doctor will then review all this information and make a decision about whether you can be treated online. You understand that the doctor may refuse to take responsibility for your care if it is felt that it is not an appropriate option for you.


All doctors possess medical professional indemnity insurance. The legal authority is based on the locality of the doctor. Before any booking, you have to check and accept the legal authority of the specific doctor.


You can cancel your appointment and get back your total service fee 24 hours before the appointment. Any appointments canceled less than 24 hours from the time of the appointment is non-refundable.