The idea behind using RF on the skin is its ability to deliver heat to depth. During the treatment a constant 40-43ᵒC is obtained in the dermis causing collagen remodelling and local metabolism acceleration. RF – in contrast with IPL – can reach the deeper dermal and subdermal layers so it is the main tool in skin tightening treatments.

Right after the treatment a prompt transient tightening is visible, but the main result- the new collagen and elastin fiber formation – is first seen after one month. Repeated sessions are recommended, once a week, for at least a one month period, depending on the initial skin condition and life style. To reach an optimal result we recommend to have one session per week, for 4 weeks and a follow up monthly.

This treatment is recommended for botox treated patients, for patient with a needle phobia or patients who would like lunch time treatments.

A big advantage of the treatment is, that it can be applied even during the summer, or on pigmented skin, and it is not photosensitising the treated area.