The name comes from the word “endometrium” which is the mucous membrane lining the inner surface of the uterus. Endometrium is built up and breaks free every month during the menstrual cycle. In case of endometriosis tissue similar to the endometrium leaves its original place and moves to other parts of the body. Endometrium tissues outside the uterus are called endometriosis.

Where is it located?

The most common locations of endometriosis lesions are the abdominal cavity, ovaries, fallopian tubes, the bands of tissues holding the uterus in place, the layers between the vagina and the rectum, outer surface of the uterus, the thick muscles of the uterus, bowels, the lining of the pelvis and the bladder. Endometriosis on the ovaries are typically called “chocolate cysts” and they can produce quite severe symptoms and consequences.

Diagnosing endometriosis

Why is it hard to identify?

Identifying endometriosis is hard because its symptoms are similar to many other diseases such as ovarian cyst, colorectal cancer etc.

Endometrisos Centre

The services of our Endometriosis Centre are unique in Hungary as

  • We use laser surgical procedures to cure endometriosis, that makes the procedure more precise and this way we are able to eradicate the disease in hard to reach places as well
  • We use endoscopic procedures in a complex way to treat endometriosis
  • A few months ago we obtained an algorithm developed in the United States that enables us to calculate the chances of pregnancy of women recovering from endometriosis

Let us know your symptoms

  • We diagnose the reasons for your symptoms with the gentlest possible procedures
  • Early identification means we are able to avoid tragic consequences of endometriosis
  • With the help of endoscopic surgical procedures we can free your body of endometric lesions
  • Our consultants can help you with family planning

Advantages of our endoscopic surgical procedures

  • free your body from endometriosis lesions
  • avoid adhesions
  • you recover within a few days and return to your everyday life
  • do not leave big visible scars
  • pregnancy will be possible
  • your quality of life improves significantly

If you wish to have children after surgery it is recommended to get pregnant as soon as possible, even artificially.

Dr. István Fülöp chief obstetrician and gynaecologist, specialist in endometriosis and his team of doctors produced exceptional results in treating endometriosis in Hungary.