Most people have scars, stitches, signs of small injuries or operations on their skin. These are created by scarring processes that can be found in our inner organs as well leaving their marks and sometimes causing trouble.

Consequences of adhesions

Adhesions often cause pains in the lesser pelvis, irregular defecation that cannot be cured by medication, and the partial closure of the fallopian tubes that might result in ectopic pregnancy, while their total closure can cause infertility.

Inflammations in the lesser pelvis may result in blockage of one or both the fallopian tubes. If they are blocked at the end the tubes can be filled up with water and expanded. The accumulated fluid, called hydrosalping, makes spontaneous pregnancy impossible and jeopardizes the succes of In Vitro fertilization (IVF) as well.

During the management of hydrosalping the tube can be opened again, removed or the cavity should be closed towards the uterus. If the tube is permeable again then spontaneous pregnancy is possible. But if the state of the tube does not allow for that, then the prerequisite of successful IVF is to close the problematic tube towards the uterus as the incoming inflamed fluid may wash out the inserted embryos.

Treating adhesions

The only really effective way of treating adhesions is abdominal surgery, which we carry out by laparoscopy if possible, in order to minimalize similar provoking factors.