This procedure includes four small incisions on the abdomen. In order to protect the closing muscle of the pelvic floor we remove the main symptom : the uterus. The endoscopic removal of the uterus takes less time than the traditional abdominal route. This procedure requires a two day hospital stay and one week of recovery at home as opposed to the six week recovery after the traditional surgery. Endoscopic uterus removal is performed in our perfectly equipped operating theatre by our experienced team of doctors.

Uterus removal via the vagina

If the uterus is not too big, there aren’t many scars in the area of the lesser pelvis, there are no abnormalities in the lesser pelvis and the size of the vagina allows it, then we remove the uterus via the vagina. The operation can be done under spinal anaesthesia, which means blocking movement and sensations temporarily, or with full anaesthesia. We reduce the chance of a future prolapsed vagina with a few special stitches because the surgical removal of the cervix and the uterus damages the stability of the vaginal stump in the lesser pelvis. After uterus removal the patient usually stays in the hospital for a few days.

Sometimes inflammation or bleeding may occur that can be treated with medication or a short vaginal treatment. This was considered to be the mildest treatment before the appearance of laparoscopy. Nowadays, if the removal of the cervix is not well-founded, the size of the uterus is big, its environment is fixed or the vagina is tight then we recommend laparoscopic removal of the uterus. This way vaginal bacteria do not get into contact with abdominal organs, and the lesser pelvis remains stable.

Uterus removal via abdominal route

In the case of chronic pain in the lesser pelvis, endometriosis, modification of ovaries or fallopian tubes, early cervical or uterine cancer, we might need to perform the removal of the uterus via the abdominal route. This operation is done while the patient is in full anaesthesiology. If the patient has a benign disease then we enter the abdomen with minimally invasive surgery and very small incisions. We can remove the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and the ovaries depending on the age and symptoms of the patient. If there are no complications then a 4-7 days of hospital stay is usual.

In case of advanced tumourous diseases a longitudinal cut towards the navel that might go close to the ribs and an extended operation is needed. These operations should be performed in specialized institutions. In our clinic oncologic gynaecological counselling is available, so patients are welcome to discuss their problems and the necessary tests and treatments. We can arrange your treatment in our partner institutions if required.