The symptoms of PCOS are infertility, irregular or rare menstruation, lack of menstruation, obesity, acne, hairloss and strong pain with ovulation.

Treating PCOS

Treating the disease depends on whether the woman wants to have children or not. If not, then medication is recommended. If yes then we apply internationally recognized methods of combining surgical procedures and medication. Insuline resistance, which is another symptom often present, can be balanced by changing both lifestyle and medication.

During the surgical procedure we use a special type of laparoscopy called drilling to make the ovary thinner by removing the emaciated follicles. This way we create a chance and space for new follicles to form. After surgery the hormonal balance is restored within days, the increased level of male hormones drops significantly and the irregular cycle can become regular.

Pregnancy after PCOS

After the surgery a spontaneous pregnancy is possible even in women who were infertile before. The ovaries are stimulated medically after surgery to make the desired pregnancy happen as soon as possible.

PCOS in our hospital

In our hospital we include the help of endocrinologists and dieticians as well in the modern diagnostic and treatment procedures of PCOS. In the treatment we use lifestyle consultation and medication if necessary. At Róbert Károly Private Clinic treating PCOS with laparoscopic surgery is considered a routine procedure.1-2 days of hospital stay is required after surgery and a total recovery can be expected within 1-2 weeks.