Apart from traditional surgical devices we also have modern electric cutting and astringent devices (LEETZ, electrocoagulator). This makes the duration and the impact of our surgical procedures on the opening of the cervix minimal. The duration of the surgery is about 10-30 minutes and performed under intravenous anaesthesia. After the surgical procedure on the opening of the cervix patients are monitored for a few hours. The friendly atmosphere, helpful staff and nice environment will help ease otherwise natural anxiety.


Why is surgery needed in the wall of the vagina?

The prolapse of the front or rear wall of the vagina or the involuntary leakage of urine might make vaginal reco nstructive surgery or vaginoplasty useful.

If the surgery is necessary it is important to clarify what extent and what type of incontinence the patient has along with the abnormalities in the wall of the vagina. Vaginoplasty can be performed with local anaesthesia or a short anaesthesia. Vaginoplasty, depending on the type of surgery can be performed as a one day procedure or may require a few days of hospitalization. At Róbert Károly Private Clinic we are able to perform the most modern vaginal sling procedures (TOT, TVT surgery), that are the most popular procedures to solve the problem worldwide. Right now we are living in the age of laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy in case of vaginoplasty

Laparoscopy might be needed if the patient has a complex problem, is young or has recurring abnormalities after previous surgery. International recommendations suggest the removal of the uterus might be required. But i n young patients we try to solve the prolapse of the vaginal wall by laparoscopic sling procedures, and in order to avoid the recurrance of the problem we suggest Caesarian section in pregnancy.