The still blooming woman who is ending her fertile period might have special symptoms – our menopause department deals with these problems. The life expectancy of the socially and sexually active woman is longer, so we should spare them the negative effects of transition years.

Body and soul

Production of female hormones during the menopause is slower or it stops altogether. The female body treats these as a loss and produces psychic, vegetative and somatic symptoms. Hot flashes, perspiration, recurring rapid heartbeat, sleeping problems, anxiety, depression, joint and back pain, itching genitals, incontinence and fast ageing can be the negative effects of transition years , as well as quite dangerous osteoporosis.

If necessary, the endoscopic surgery department of our clinic can use the most up-to-date and successful sling procedures to stop persistent urine leaking and correct a dropped urethra. Our plastic surgery department gives a personalized solution to the negative effects of the transition years.