Laparoscopy is a type of endoscopic procedure where we can diagnose and operate on the abdominal and pelvic cavity without actully opening them. We use diagnostic laparoscopy to discover the reasons for pains and symptoms with unknown origin, when ectopic pregnancy is suspected or in case of other gynaecological diseases and abnormalities.

Myoma and local abnormalities, certain diseases of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, different forms of the increasingly common endometriosis (that can cause serious pain in the abdomen and even infertility), certain abnormal developments, adhesions due to inflammations (that can also cause infertility) and some incontinence problems can be cured with laparoscopy.

Advantages of laparoscopy

The undoubtable advantage of laparoscopic diagnosis and surgery – similar to other endoscopic procedures – are the accurate diagnosis, mild surgery and quick recovery.

Laser laparoscopy

One of the biggest achievements of modern surgery is laser laparoscopy which is a very precise and effective surgical procedure resulting in full and perfect recovery.

The CO2 device applied in endoscopic surgery provides optimal treatment for gynaecological problems such as Endometriosis, PCO and adhesions. During the laser surgery we can perform operations with exceptional precision that lead to total recovery. In case of endometriosis laser surgery means the total eradication of the disease and the risk of adhesions is much smaller.