This procedure includes inserting an optical device called the hysteroscope into the uterus through the vagina and the cervix, and the uterus is expanded with either fluids or gas. We can examine the inner surface and the endometrium of the uterus with the help of this optical device. If necessary we can insert specialized instruments (e.g. forceps) into the uterus through the hysteroscope to take swabs for the microscopic tests painlessly. During hysteroscopy we can also perform small surgical procedures to remove polypus, myomas and septa and correcting adhesions. Sometimes it is advisable to remove all endometrium; in these cases patients are informed beforehand.

Personalized hysteroscopy

The procedure is carried out with painkillers. The procedure used (painkillers and tranquilizers, local anaesthesia or anaesthesiology) depends on individual needs . Detailed information about anaesthesiology will be provided during the consultation by the anaesthesiologist. This surgery, if not combined with other treatments, requires a one day stay in hospital.