In case of unavoidable operations we aim to secure painless recovery in the fastest and safest way.

Our key to this is modern technology and effective medical protocol.

Our patients often experience persistent symptoms without any special reason. Suffering from symptoms and not knowing what causes them is quite worrying and makes people fear the worst. The reason for these symptoms can be discovered by endoscopic surgery procedures (Hysteroscopy) and then treated. These procedures require only a few days of hospital stay.


The duration of the procedures is really short, thus reducing the time spent in anaesthesia. As 1-2 cm long incisions are enough to enter the body and the movement of the instruments is minimal, this method is extremely light on undamaged tissues. The risk of scarring and adhesion is minimal, pain and the time spent is the hospital is reduced. The time needed for recovery is only a fraction of that of traditional surgery.

Róbert Károly Private Hospital is one of the best-equipped clinics in Hungary. Our team of experienced doctors have developed endoscopic surgery into routine procedures in the last few years.