Pain in the lesser pelvis originates from abnormal operation of the organs in the lesser pelvis. Its reason is often quite hard to discover. In order to spare the patient from visiting one doctor after another, a team of doctors diagnose her from the very beginning. First of all we need to know everything about the history and conditions of the lesser pelvis pain, then we decide on the necessary tests. If the pain is not obviously of gynaecological origin then a urologist, internal specialist, gastroenterologist (specialist of stomach and bowels), neurologist, physiotherapist and possibly a psychogynaecologist (gynaecologist-psychologist) carries out the tests.

If the pain is of gynaecological origin

If the pain in the lesser pelvis is caused by gynaecological problems and an operation is required, then it is carried out by our experienced team of doctors in the surgery room by endoscopy. Pain in the lesser pelvis can often be caused by cyst, adenomyosis, myoma, hydrotuba, adhesions, scars and more and more often endometriosis.