Our child and adolescent gynaecology department operates in a friendly environment and treats patients in a discreet and effective way.
Our specially trained staff act naturally in order to break the ice with the young patient.

Treatment and prevention

Treating a girl with menstrual abnormalities, infections or hormonal problems in this very exposed and fragile time of their life when the development of the body and personality is not in harmony yet, requires a considerable sense of delicacy. We aim to use tactful methods such as preferring ultrasound scans to manual tests whenever possible. We place the emphasis on preventing diseases and problems – we provide health and sexual education as well. We raise awareness of appropriate customs and the need to consider syndromes.
We do not moralize but rather give advice on contraception and we carry out the necessary tests for sexually active girls here. We try to give medical and personal support to teenage girls that makes them feel safe and is free of judgement and creates a sense of trust in the fragile young woman.