First of all we try to diagnose the reasons for abnormal bleeding using effective diagnostic methods. We try to avoid curettage, a process frequently used in other places. Discovering the reasons for abnormal bleeding can be done by hormonal scan, ultrasound scan and colposcopy cytology examination of the cervix.

If the cause of abnormal bleeding is possibly a polypus uteri or a myoma, the diagnosis is supported by a tactful method called hysteroscopy, which is the endoscopy of the uterus with the help of an optical device.

Treating abnormal bleeding

In the majority of cases the reason for abnormal bleeding can be discovered by a few systematic scans and the necessary steps can be determined.

After family planning is over some patients may have recurring bleeding problems that cannot be clearly connected to uterus problems. Instead of the outdated practice of removing the uterus we suggest a process called Endometrial ablation.