Our doctors

The team of Consultant surgeons are highly respected well established Ophthalmic Surgeons. They always ensure the delivery of highest standard of care to all our patients.  All our eye surgeons attend various conferences around the world, to ensure that their skills, their level of knowledge and our centre of excellence is up to date and on a par with the cutting edge centres throughout the world.

The technology

Saint James Eye Clinic prides itself in constantly keeping abreast with the latest medical technology. Only the most recent, brand new and efficient medical equipment is used, both within the Diagnostic Department as well as within the Surgical Unit.  The Saint James Eye Clinic operating theatres are equipped with ultra clean air filtration systems to ensure a consistently optimal sterile environment which is essential when carrying our delicate ophthalmic surgical interventions.

Clinic environment

Our aim is to make your experience at Saint James Eye Clinic a successful and a pleasant one.  We supply patients with comprehensive details on any surgery required to help set reasonable expectations, minimize fears and make sure no questions and concerns go unanswered.  Saint James Eye Clinic’s guiding principle is that of providing patients with the highest quality medical eye care within a customer oriented and purpose built private practice.  Every day, we challenge ourselves to help people see better.  Your satisfaction is our motivation and success.

A wealth of experience

The Saint James Hospital Group was founded in Malta in 1986.  The Group today owns and operates a number of hospitals and clinics in Malta, Libya and Hungary as well as having other interest in healthcare related activities.  The most recent addition is the opening of the third specialised eye clinic in Budapest Hungary which is set to be a centre of excellence in the field of ophthalmology.  The Group adheres to the most stringent EU standards in line with its philosophy of providing unparalleled quality medical care to its patients within a safe and caring environments.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver high quality healthcare services within the community, in a safe and caring environment backed by modern technology and skilled professional staff.

Our Core Values

Passion for Excellence

Mutual Respect

Personal Responsibility