Are you a GP looking to inform, recommend or refer your patients to the option of self-pay private medical treatment in Hungary? Having private medical treatment can be invaluable for your patients and the NHS.

To be registered as a referrer gives many advantages to you.


Alternatively give one of our experienced and friendly staff a call on:

+44 7414 807431

They will take your details over the phone.

There are many reasons why you might be looking to recommend our services to your patients:

  • Patient does not meet the NHS criteria for their treatment
  • Patient does not wish to wait for the treatment and they want to be treated quickly
  • Patient is looking for a provider to make all their arrangements for them
  • Patient is looking for excellent solution for his/her problem in a city with outstanding recruital possibilities



To get the best result for your Patients, our staff in Hungary is work together with you. The Doctors in Hungary are happy to consult with you through the treatment process, special if your Patient needs more serious surgeries.


We take seriously the protection of your Patient privacy and confidentiality. Please, check our Privacy Policy.


If your Patient is resident in Britain and eligible for treatment on the NHS, you can now skip the waiting list by opting to have his/her medical care at a private facility within Europe (EEA). We support you to make sure the NHS reimburse you the expenses for the procedure.Read More